Birthday cakes for children

For the children’s that we love so much, special cakes according to their taste.

Handmade Delights to brighten up your day. Whether it’s chocolate, vanilla or cinnamon, I use the best raw materials to produce a melted flavor in your mouth.

"Tasty cakes, wonderful taste in your mouth"

I really like to serve from the heart, you are welcome to contact me and tell me which cake exactly you are looking for, will be very happy to help you.
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The taste and the design you choose, in addition you can accept my recommendations as needed, I have been specializing in the manufacture and baking of cakes for years, and I succeeded in making my pastries in addition to the impressive ones also tasty.

Birthdays and events

Birthdays or any other celebration is a great opportunity to surprise and thrill with a well-designed cake. A good way to do this is by activating all the senses: taste, smell, touch and vision, and there is no better way to use them than with a personalized cake with great taste and aroma, a melted texture in our mouth and a visual that will make it an appealing element at the party.


As a cake coating, I use what you ask me. For pastry cakes, I use creams, such as sweet or vegetable cream, in addition to sugar dough. I really like using white chocolate and bitter chocolate, the customer decides.

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Birthdays Cakes For Childrens

The cake itself must be airy and tasty, without overdoing the amount of sugar to enjoy the flavors of filling.
Tasteful and delicate layers, I prepare my cakes with many layers and their filling is varied: chocolate ganache, nutella, jam and fruit such as peach, berries, strawberries and more. Dried fruits such as peanuts, almonds and more. Just say what you prefer.


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